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BetsLeague is an app that allows you to predict football scores and compare prediction results with friends or other users just for fun!


Instead of creating table sheets with friends’ scores predictions manually this app automates the whole process allowing for smooth experience with live scores, live leaderboards, easy to edit fixture sets, users invitations and more. Users are awarded points for correct predictions, the one with the most points at the end wins the whole league. But there is no prize for winning it. It’s just for fun.


The BetsLeague consists of matches and members. It is a place where you and other users bet on the same set of matches and receive points for correct predictions. You can invite friends and create your own BetsLeague or join any existing one. Within a single BetsLeague you can mix together teams and matches from different top football leagues like Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS and more.


BetsLeague is also a source of live scores. Live game infos include live scores, events, lineups and venue info. Bet results and leaderboard are updated instantly in real time based on a game progress. Detailed bet statistics round the the whole package up.


The app does not offer any gambling activities for real or virtual money, no wagers, no In- App purchases to buy any digital goods related to gambling. This is an Ad-supported app and the only In-App purchase it may offer is removing ads.



Creating a new BetsLeague




When you create a new BetsLeague you become automatically its creator. BetsLeague creator is set only once at the beginning and cannot be changed. Creator’s name is displayed in a BetsLeague’s card on the dashboard page.




Creator is automatically given administrator rights for this BetsLeague. Administrators are eligable to:


   Add or remove matches to BetsLeague

   Invite or remove users to/from BetsLeague

   Accept or reject requests from other users to join this BetsLeague

   Edit BetsLeague’s access rights

   Edit BetsLeague’s name

   Delete BetsLeague

   Assign administrator rights to other members of this BetsLeague

   Revoke administrator rights to other existing administrators of this BetsLeague.


At least one admin is required per BetsLeague.




BetsLeague’s access rights define the way the BetsLeague is accessible and visible to other users.


   With public access the BetsLeague is visible for all app users and can be joined by any app user.


   With protected access the BetsLeague is visible for all app users but cannot be joined in directly. Users have to send request to join it or accept invitation. Request to join is received by all BetsLeague’s admins. One of the admins must accept the request to let new user in. If one of admins rejects the request the user cannot join. Admins are also able to send invitations to other users to join the league. In this case it is the invited user’s choice to accept or reject the invitation.


   With private access the BetsLeague is not visible to any user but the members of this BetsLeague. The only way to be part of such league is by accepting the invitation sent by one of the admins.



Becoming a BetsLeague member


You can become a member of a BetsLeague in the following ways:


   BetsLeague administrators send invitations to join a BetsLeague. You need to accept it to become a member or reject it if you do not want to join the league. Invitations are displayed in Messages page. You will be notified with a badge on the Bell-icon in a top toolbar when new messages arrive.


   If a BetsLeague has a public access you can simply join it directly by going to Players tab and tapping on Join button in the bottom toolbar or in the Info tab -> Profile-> Join.


   If a BetsLeague has a protected access you cannot join it directly. Instead you can send a join request. This is done at exactly the same locations as when joining directly but the relevant buttons will change into Request to join . Your request will be received by this particular league’s administrators. At least one of them must accept your request for you to join in. In case none of them accepts it or one of them rejects it you are not able to participate in this BetsLeague. The other way is to accept an invitation from at least one of BetsLeague s administrators.


   If a BetsLeague has a private access you neither can join it directly nor send a request to join. The only way to become its member is to accept an invitation from at least one of BetsLeague’s administrators.



Adding matches to a BetsLeague


BetsLeague administrators can at any time add or remove matches to the BetsLeague. A single BetsLeague can consist of a mix of matches from different real football leagues offered by the app thus allowing to configure favorite team/matches combinations.



Placing bets


BetsLeague members can place a bet for a match score in the Matches tab by tapping on a question mark displayed in the match item. Matches tab displays bets for the current user and allows to edit them as long as the match has not started yet. Current user can read bets from other members in the Member details page. Non-members cannot place bets in BetsLeagues they do not belong to, they are granted read-only access.


For correct bets members are rewarded points:

   1 point if the bet matches the winner

   Additional 1 point if the bet matches the winner and correct goal difference  i.e. bet is „3-1” and the full time result is „2-0” or bet is „3-3” and result is „2-2”

   Additional 1 point if the bet matches the winner and exact score i.e. a bet is „3-1” and the full time result is also „3-1” or bet is „3-3” and result is also „3-3”

User can get a maximum of 3 points for a successful bet. Background colors for match items correspond to total bet points scored per match:

   Gold = 3 points

   Silver = 2 points

   Bronze = 1 point

The match full time result corresponds to the result after regular match time(90+) or if extra time is needed after regular time plus extra time(120+). Penalty shootout does not count to the full time result.



Leaderboard is updated live according to a match live score. Tapping on a user name displays user detailed information and bet statistics. In details page you can switch between users by tapping next/previous arrows.



Invitations, requests to join or other messages are displayed in a Messages page. Total number of new messages is highlighted with a badge on a messaging icon in the top toolbar.

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